Belarus restricts pork imports from the province of Jiangsu because of the ASF

Such information is posted on the website of the Department of Veterinary and Food Supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus, BELTA informs.
According to the information of the International Epizootic Bureau, in the territory of Jiangsu Province there has been registered a case of the disease of ASF pigs. In this regard, temporary restrictions have been imposed on the import of live pigs, zoo and circus animals of susceptible species to Belarus from this Chinese province, pork (including wild boar meat) and other food pigs, as well as processed products, tannery, horn-hoofed and intestinal raw materials, bristles, hunting trophies obtained from animals of susceptible species, other products.

All previously issued permits for the import of these goods from Jiangsu Province to Belarus are canceled.

The department is informed of the need to take additional control measures to ensure the biological protection of large pig-breeding complexes, pig farms and farms of all forms of ownership.