Almost 4 thousand pigs were destroyed due to the ASF outbreak of at the Glushki agricultural company in the Kyiv region, Ukraine

At the pig farm of LLC Agrofirma Glushki (Glushki Belotserkovsky district of the Kyiv region), 3.77 thousand pigs were destroyed in order to avoid the spread and for elimination of the hotbed of African swine fever (ASF) disease.

According to the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection, ASF was confirmed laboratory on July 22 by the State Research Institute for Laboratory Diagnostics and Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise (Kyiv) when examining the material of two corpses of pigs belonging to an agricultural company.

African swine fever crept up to Kiev

By the decision of the State Extraordinary Anti-Epizootic Commission at the Belotserkovsky District State Administration of July 23, quarantine was imposed, the territory of the Glushki pig farm was determined as the ASF epizootic zones.

As of July 24, as part of the action plan to prevent the ASF spread and to eliminate hotbed of disease in the farm of LLC Agrofirma Glushki, 3.765 thousand pigs were killed by bloodless method and burned along with identified animal corpses.

Now the Main Directorate of the State Food and Consumer Service in the Kyiv region continues to take measures to localize and prevent the spread of the disease in accordance with the requirements on the ASF prevention and control.

Economic entities of all forms of ownership are warned about the restriction of the movement of live pigs, the trade in pigs and products manufactured from them. Economic entities whose activities are related to the hogs breeding, maintenance and management are recommended not to make economic connections with territories nearby the hotbed.

SOURCE: Piginfo