From January 1 to June 1 hog livestock in Kazakhstan has grown by 150,6 thousand head

Over May month as of June 1 the hog livestock in Kazakhstan grew in most regions except for five regions. In three regions hog numbers reduced, and in two regions stayed at the same level. In two regions livestock increased by 10 thousand more head, in three regions – by 1 to 10 thousand head, in other regions – to a lesser extent. Over five months from January 1 to June 1 surplus of hogs in the republic accounted for more than 150 thousand head. Just in one region the hog herd has reduced, and in one remained unchanged due to no activities on hog raising in the region. In two regions growth of hog livestock was above 40 thousand head, in three regions – above 10 thousand head, in four regions - from 1 to 10 thousand head, in two regions – less than 1 thousand head.

The growth of pigs in Kazakhstan in the first five months of 2020 amounted to about 18%

Over two months of 2020 hog livestock has grown in Kazakhstan, but not in every region of the country. According to the Statistic Committee of RK as at beginning of year in hog farms of all forms of ownership there 822,2 thousand head, in January as of February 1 hog inventories accounted for 838 thousand head with increase by 15,8 thousand head or by 1,9%, and over February 4,4 thousand head (+ 0,5%) has been added. Through March as of April 1 hog livestock increased from 842,4 to 894,2 thousand head, by 51,8 thousand head or 6,1%. Overall number of hogs increased by 72 thousand head or 8,8%, — reports.

Through April to May 1 surplus of hogs accounted for 39,2 thousand head to 933,4 thousand head or 4,4%, and over May has been 39.4 thousand head up to 972,8 thousand head or 4,2%. Overall number of hogs on January 1 through June 1 hog livestock in Kazakhstan increased by 150,6 thousand head or by 18,3%.

To the maximum extent hogs livestock over May, by seven and more thousand head increased in Kostanay region (+12,3 thousand head) from 171,1 to 183,4 thousand head, in North-Kazakhstan region (+10,5 thousand head) from 207,2 to 217,7 thousand head, in Akmola region (+ 9,6 thousand head) from с 135,2 to 144,8 thousand head, in Almaty region (+7,3 thousand head) from 64,5 to 71,8 thousand head.

Number of hogs reduced in Aktobe region (- 1,6 thousand head) from 60,7 to 59,1 thousand head, in Karaganda region (- 0,7 thousand head) from 78,8 to 78,1 thousand head, in Turkestan region (- 0,3 thousand head) from 8,8 to 8,5 thousand head.

Over five months of the current year hog livestock increased by 40 thousand head only in two regions. This is North-Kazakhstan region (+ 43,7 thousand head) from 174 to 217,7 thousand head, and in Akmola region (+ 43,2 thousand head) from 101,6 to 144,8 thousand head.

SOURCE: QazaqZerno