Kyrgyzstan is removing SPS controls at the border with Kazakhstan

The argument was that these controls on intra-EAEU shipments are duplicative. To create conditions for the accelerated, predictable and unhindered movement of goods across the customs border of the EAEU, a ban on the conduct of duplicate functions of veterinary and phytosanitary control has been imposed.

Kyrgyzstan is removing SPS controls at the border with KazakhstanIt is worth noting that earlier the list of shipping documents included the presence of a certificate on the formalities associated with veterinary and phytosanitary control. At the same time, these checks also had to be conducted when crossing the customs border, which caused some inconvenience for entrepreneurs.

«Given that the passing of this control was of a duplicate nature, taking into account the fact that it required a great deal of time, a decision was made to cancel it.

"This will make it possible to most optimize the procedures carried out by state control bodies at road checkpoints for the export of goods and animals allowed for the customs procedure for the export of goods from Kyrgyzstan on the principle of" one stop, "the government press service said.

Note that the ban does not apply to the conduct of radiation, border, transport (automobile) and customs control at the customs border.

The full text of Decree of the Government of Kyrgyzstan of February 26, 2021 No. 64 can be found by reference

The decision shall enter into force after ten days from the date of its official publication.

SOURCE: Akchabar