Ministry of Agriculture of Kyrgyzstan plans to use blockchain in agro-industrial sector

The presentation of the blockchain system has taken place at the Ministry of Agriculture, Processing Industry and Melioration of Kyrgyzstan, Tazabek reported referring to the ministry’s website.

"To date, the requirement to establish a national food safety system in the Kyrgyz Republic using blockchain technology is topical," the State Secretary of the Ministry Maksatbek Tashbolotov said.

2018-09-Kyrgyz-blockchain-2.jpgRepresentative of “Central Asia International” company, the Initiator and Technical Director of the introduction of the blockchain system among cattle and small ruminants Sun Xiaodong said that the use of distributed databases in the blockchain simplifies such processes as reaching an agreement or reporting, which benefits both processors and farmers.

While previously, reaching an agreement required detailed verification of paper documents from different sources, now the technology allows to agree on the details of the transaction in the very process of concluding the agreement, thereby reducing the number of sources from which reporting is required.

This data exchange space allows for organizing the supply chain: establishing contacts between suppliers, carriers, buyers, operators of warehouse services.

This is important for the food products with their short shelf life. As the world experience shows, the introduction of blockchain technologies in the agro-industrial sector solves the problems of farmers: it simplifies the sale of their products and allows for excluding intermediaries from the supply chain.

In order to achieve successful results, the blockchain requires the involvement of all participants of the production and supply chain. This means that suppliers of resources for farmers, the farmers themselves, traders, ports, banks, logisticians, processors – all of them use single interface and enter their digital information into single blockchain.

SOURCE: Trend News Agency