The monitoring system over the livestock movement in Armenia will allow time to stop the spread of disease

Armenian authorities are seeking funds to monitor farm animals. This was announced by Georgy Avetisyan, head of the Food Safety Inspectorate of the Republic, at a press conference on Wednesday.

If all cattle in Armenia are numbered, it will be much easier to follow its movement. So, veterinarians will be able to stop the spread of disease in time.


""The Austrian Development Bank has already allocated 800 thousand euros to us for this program out of the required $3 million. Now we are negotiating with other possible donors in the European Union," said Avetisyan.

It should be noted that in recent weeks a new case of pigs has been revealed in the north-east of Armenia. The animals were checked for various diseases, but an exact diagnosis has not yet been established. In 2007-2011, the African plague periodically flared up here, in the Tavush region, but the current outbreak proceeds with other signs of the disease.

Thanks to timely measures, the deaths of pigs were localized in the Tavush region, and then stopped.

From Avetisyan’s point of view, a unified control system will minimize such risks.

Recall, the first republican agricultural census in Armenia was held in 2014. But animal control devices were not introduced then.