Pork prices at retail in Moscow were down

Information and analytical agency "EMEAT" published a study "Russian pork market in January-May 2020," which says that over the year prices on pork at Moscow retail decreased by 4.1%.

Report also highlights that in May 2020, prices on this meat item in Moscow supermarkets decreased by 5.3%. An increase in production and a decrease in wholesale prices facilitated to pork price decline.

Over the year 2020 prices on pork at Moscow retail decreased by 4.1%

According to the study, as of May 1, 2020, pig livestock in all categories of farms in Russia increased by 6.3% (by 1.6 thousand head) y-o-y to 26.3 million head. In agricultural farms, the number of animals over the year increased by 9.1% (by 1955 thousand head) to 23.4 million head. In households, the number of pigs decreased by 11.9% (-388 thousand head) to 2.9 thousand head.

According to IAA EMEAT, pork production in agricultural organizations of Russia amounted to 1132.8 thousand Mt in slaughter weight (1541.9 thousand Mt in live weight), which is 11.3% or 114.9 thousand Mt up against the same period in 2019.

Over Q1 2020, 2.8 thousand Mt of pork, pork variety meats and pork fat were imported into Russia, which is 93.7% down y-o-y (-41.3 thousand Mt).

Overall Russia pork product exports amounted to 51.6 thousand Mt; this is 71.5% (+ 21.5 thousand Mt) up y-o-y.