Ukraine reduced the fold pork exports


Ukrainian establishments over first ten months of 2018 exported about 1.54 thousand Mt of pork, three time less y-o-y in volume, in value pork exports reduced threefold as well to $3.33 million.

This was reported in the state custom stats, published in the State Fiscal Service site. In accordance with stats, pork imports into Ukraine over mentioned period increased 5.7 times in volume and was 1.4 times up in value to 23.4 thousand Mt and $43.2 million accordingly.

Exports of poultry meat and variety meat over the reporting timeframe were 18.7% up in volume to 271.33 thousand Mt, and 31.6% up in value to $425.22 million. Imports of listed products were 111 thousand Mt (+18% y-o-y) and $44.1 million (+15%).

According to UNIAN, pork exports both chilled and frozen in 2017 grew twofold y-o-y to $10.5 million.

In 2017 Ukraine was exporting 271.32 thousand Mt of poultry meat at $389.64 million.