Ukrainian pork can become scarce

Pork production in the country has reduced by 9.3%.

In 2018 there were produced 200 thous Mt of pork, what is 9.3% down y-o-y (Gosstat).2019-02-Ukrainian-pork-can-become-scarce.jpg

Since Dec. 2017 through Dec. 2018 pork production in Ukraine has declined by 11.7%.

The large production was in Lvov and Donetsk regions - 37 thous and 42.7 thous. Mt accordingly.

Least of all there produced in Nikolaev and Sumy regions - 145 and 232 Mt respectively.

Last year the meat basket value in Ukraine went 11% up or 57 UAH to 575 UAH; while In Dec 2017 its value was 518 UAH.