Ukrainian pork imports were $5.6 million in value in June

In June, pork imports to Ukraine fell slightly against the previous month. The press service of the Ukrainian Association of Pig Farmers writes about this.

According to customs statistics, during the first summer month, pork imports were 2,6 thousand Mt in volume and $5.57 million in value. "This is almost 20% less than a month earlier," the analytic department of the Ukrainian Association of Pig Farmers says.

Pork imports to Ukraine in June decreased by almost 20% compared to the previous month.

According to the report, the external supply of pork in the first month of summer decreased by 19,8%, similarly reduced costs for the purchase of such raw materials.

«"More live import activity over the past two months has bridged the gap between the current pork imports and the results of the same period in 2019. However, pork imports in the first half of 2020 into the domestic market are down 16% or 1,8 thousand Mt compared against the first half of 2019, " the press service said.

This deviation, experts explain, is comparable to the average monthly pork imports last year. In addition, the factor that will affect import activity in the future will be uncertainty about changes in foreign exchange rates.

«"Taking this into account, we can expect that pork imports in the second half of the year will not exceed last year's figures," industry experts have summed up.