The 312 restaurant opens in Moscow

The 312 American cuisine restaurant was opened in Moscow at 21 Sushchevskaya St., bldg. 5. The project plays up the atmosphere of Chicago. The main items on the menu were deep dish pizza and American hot dogs.

The 312 restaurant opens in Moscow

The name 312 is the phone code for Chicago. Once upon a time, immigrants from Naples came to the United States and changed the gastronomic culture of the city. As a result, the Italian-American version of pizza was born named deep dish. It looks more like a large crusty pie filled with mozzarella and tomato sauce. Also important part of the main menu is dedicated to hot dogs from different States, including Chicago ones on a poppy bun.

Brand chef is Daniil Kalyuzhin who trained in Italy, studied the art of making Neapolitan pizza, and adapted a deep dish recipe from 1947 for The 312 project.

The restaurant space is a two-level loft with industrial details. There are brick walls, open pipes, and tall windows. As conceived by the founders, the restaurant will host many events.

SOURCE: FoodService Magazine