Pigs continue to fall in price due to the “caution” of buyers

In early November, the downward movement of prices for pigs of slaughter conditions continued, according to “ProAgro Group” with reference to the information of the analytical department of the Association of Pig Breeders of Ukraine.

Pigs continue to fall in price due to the “caution” of buyers

Last week’s trading ended for operators of the domestic pork market with a decrease in purchase prices by 1.5-3 UAH/kg. Thus, most of the consignments in the Center were sold at 68-71 UAH/kg, in the East the price ranged from 66-70 UAH/kg, in the western regions within 66-68 UAH/kg. Price marks below 66 UAH/kg were met occasionally in the Eastern regions and only when booking parties after the end of the main trading – on Monday-Tuesday of the current week.

The weighted average selling price of slaughter pigs this week stopped at 67.4 UAH/kg, down 2.9% from last week.

“The key factors that are currently creating pressure on prices are increased competition between processors amid a decrease in trading activity and more cautious purchases of live pigs. Thus, representatives of meat processing were forced to adjust the volumes of harvesting to prevent the formation of transitional balances of products due to violations of the supply schedules of chilled pork due to frequent air raids and power outages,” – said the analysts of the ASU.

SOURCE: ProAgro Group