Ukraine: pork by live weight has risen in price by 2.2%

Украина: свинина живым весом подорожала на 2,2%

In the second half of June, prices for live pigs strengthened again after a short subsidence, reaching 81.9 UAH / kg – this is 2.2% higher than a week earlier. This is reported in the association "Pig Breeders of Ukraine".

In the east, prices ranged from 83-85 UAH/kg. In the central regions, most of the commodity lots were sold at 83-84 UAH/kg, while in the western regions, quotations mostly remained in the price range of last week.

Meat processors do not observe a surplus of conditioned pork, and sometimes the need is higher than the supply. The restraint of prices in the western regions is mainly explained by the impact on the market of information about the revival of import activity. Although most operators confirm that foreign raw materials do not really compete with domestic pork today.

SOURCE: emeat